Natural Bodybuilding Wall Of Fame


Mario Da Silva; Born in Uruguay , 1968 Mr. Uruguay, 1965 Mr. Argentina (foreign Division). Best Poser 1977 Mr. World. Competed in the very first Natural Mr. America 1978. Has been a main force in the sport of natural Bodybuilding, especially throughout the latin speaking world. Personal Trainer "Body Elegance" .
Clay Quinn: Natural Mr USA over 40 has won some 14 trophies for Bodybuilding. Author, Gym Owner, promoter,vice president CBA, was one of the earliest driving forces in getting natural Bodybuilding established. Used the help of the Kansas medical dept at the University to developed a Blood test, which was very effective, in testing.  Vice President aba Natural he promoted many of the first natural contests  first under CBA and later ABA. 

Denny Kakos: was born in Greece, started lifting weights as a teenager. Gym owner, promoter, has the distinction of promoting the very first NPC Natural Bodybuilding contest ,the MR. Natural California. He was the founding member of the ABA with Wally Boyco and Pete Samra in 1988. Through his tireless efforts and help from his Wife Diana ,Denny  has made the ABA (INBA/PNBA) the largest Natural Bodybuilding association in the world. He also developed the Natural Olympia bodybuilding title, the pinnacle title in Natural Bodybuilding. The winners of the professional Natural Olympia, win a car and prize money. 
Jack O'Blennis : Former gym owner and Natural Bodybuilding promoter. Founded the American Bodybuilding Coordinating Committee , who promoted hundreds of natural contest on the west coast. he also did contests in Australia and Japan.As a trainer at the Monster Maker gym, he trained many natural Champions .
Wally Boyco: Was one of the founding members of the ABA in 1988 , he also founded the Professional Bodybuilding association. Started the Ms Fitness competion for women. Held bodybuilding expo, The National Trade Show ( for the Fitness Industry). Contest promoter and publisher. 
Chet Yorton: Mr Universe gym owner and Natural bodybuilding promoter. Is the father of natural Bodybuilding. He promoted the very first natural contest in 1978, the natural Mr America. founded the NBA (Natural bodybuilding Association).Due to his vision and insight "Natural bodybuilding" is the sport it is today. Thank you Chet.
Tom Ciola : Bodybuilder, Promoter Utica New  York , CEO "Natural Health Products". Founded the NBBA : Natural Body Builder Association. Publisher ,he promoted many Natural  contests on the East coast, including the Natural Mr. America. he was the first promoter to use lie detector as a testing for his shows. 

Bob Galucci: Collegiate Mr America, won the NBBA Natural Mr America in New York. One of the top natural Mr. America's of his time.

Dennis Weis: Natural weightlifter and bodybuilder, is the top Author, muscle writer in the world. His Books with Robert Kennedy; Raw muscle, Mass  are best sellers.His hundreds of articles have appeared in muscle magazines all over the world. He was the first writer to write on Pete  Samra's, R.E.S.T system of training. Which was specifically designed to help natural Bodybuilders.
Dennis Tinerino; Mr America, Mr Universe was the first Natural Mr. America 1978. He became a preacher and travelled the world. He will always be known as one of the greatest bodybuilders.
Pete Samra: Was a state power lifting Champion and represented his  state in Bodybuilding  in South Africa. He became the morning manager of the world famous Gold's Gym in Venice/Santa monica Ca.1975 , 1977 -1978. He won the first Natural Mr. USA and Natural Mid-American Bodybuilding titles in 1980. He published "Power magazine" He became one of the biggest opponents of steroid use. He received letters from Congress and accommodations from many Mayors, for his work against drugs and steroids. He promoted many natural bodybuilding competitions. Many well known Movie and TV stars were invited to give out trophies at his contests. He headed the Samra Aniti-drug team, a team of Natural Bodybuilders who visited High schools with an anti drug message. He promoted the very first Wheelchair Champions .and developed the R.E.S.T. sytem of training and trained many Natural bodybuilders for contests. Known as the Bodybuilders Pastor, he pastors a church and uses, weights to help the youth get their lives on track.

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