A Message from
The World President

The ABA/INBA/PNBA began as a series of small contests I held in my Southern California gym, and toda, are the World's premier natural bodybuilding Associations, holding contests all over the World. The progess was no result of luck, or simply throwing money at a Project.

It happened because there was a need. Thoughtful athletes realized that the drug usage associated with strength training, and bodybuilding, was, and still is, contrary to good health, sportmanship, and the true spirit of athletes.

The success of The INBA/PNBA/ABA is directly attributed to the magical combination of great athletes and staff personnel sharing my vision of a World Class bodybuilding Association, with real testing (IOC testing standards and WADA testing Agencies). Of these things we can all be exceedingly proud.

Denny Kakos
World President

Michael Otieno Obuya

Bodybuilder Michael Otieno Obuya



NAME                                    : MICHAEL OTIENO OBUYA
NICK NAME                            : IRON TYSON
DATE OF BIRTH                      : 25TH MA Y 1977
COUNTRY                               : KENYA
PLACE OF BIRTH                    : KISUMU
RESIDENCE                            : MUMIAS, WESTERN KENYA
WEGHT                                   : 93KG/205 POUNDS
HEIGHT                                   : 5.9”

MARITAL STATUS                  
CHILDREN                                : 2
OCCUPATION                           : MECHANIC

 I am the second born in a family of five.  I did not know body building until 1994 when our neighbor the late Onyango Ngoni introduced me to training in one of our friend's house. He had a barbell made of concrete in a 4 kg tin. By that time, we did not know the difference between weight lifting and body building. We could do moves meant for weight lifting. I only trained three times there in three days. The fifth day, I took jerrycans and tied them on a long piece of wood. So I could put water of the same level enough for me to do any type of exercise I wanted. I introduced my closest friend Walter whom we were training kick boxing with.  Several other friends joined us and we all trained in our Gym. We were training weight lifting to gain power for doing kick boxing. Little did I know that we were doing body building. We later came to know that bodybuilding  was a National sport in Kenya. 

After two years I moved to kisumu to look for a job. And it was sad because I had to leave back my so called weights. I had developed a massive chest and strong arms and people nicknamed me TYSON. My cousin Don Carlos once introduced me to his Gym that was at least better than mine. This man impressed me so much. He had great chest and a huge back. He knew a lot about body building but didn’t have the  tools. He was bigger than me. He had a flex magazine and I could see what body building was meant to be.


Every where I move I could make a Gym so that I don’t stop training. We bought cement and made our own weights where we trained and made good looking bodies. We were partners training together and many friends joined us. In 2000, Meshack Ochieng my younger brother came to Kisumu where he joined us. We introduced him to our training techniques. I moved to Mumias and left Mechack in Kisumu with Carlos.


In Mumias I had to train. I was lucky enough to make weights out of scrap metals in the first week and moved them to Kisumu. When I came back to Mumias, I made another set of  weights and started making my own Gym. I trained for a year and when Meshack joined me in Mumias, he was in a good shape that he decided to visit body building stage and he performed well. My chance to use scrap metals to make weights increased and I even made more weights for training all body parts. It is what I call the fit Nation Gym  today.

The main challenge in this sport is getting someone to support you, you need somebody to pay for your supplementation and this is not an easy task, because in Africa, Body Building has been neglected and finding sponsorship is very difficult.

I regard bodybuilding as the mother of all sports. It requires total discipline to make a decent physique. My plea is that companies and organizations should take body building and promote this sport like any other sport in this Universe.

African body builders are great because it is only in the built with local sub-saharan Africa where you find almost 100% natural,, we lack modern training facilities but can still compete with our counterparts from the developed world. Most of us look impressive. I condone the use of steroids; I am a natural body builder. I some sometimes use proteins and carbohydrate powders to enhance my physique. I train every body part twice a week. I take not less than 5 meals a day. I train 2 times a day, 5 times a week.



Mr. Kisumu 3rd light heavy

Mr. Kenya  4th  light heavy

Mr. Bungoma heavy 1st place and 5th  Overall


Mr. Kenya 2nd middle

Mr. Western 1st heavy and 5th overall


Mr. Kenya Middle weight 3rd place


Mr. Kimwa Heavy weight 1st  and 2nd Overall




Fame NTP – Africa Natural B/Building – 1st Heavy and 4th Overall.


Mr. Kenya, Mombasa Edition- 1st Heavy Weight and 3rd Overall

Thanks to Muscle Meddy Fitnes and INBA Africa for taking up this sport to the next level in Africa. We urge you to keep up so that we can also have professional bodies in Africa. Thanks for what happened in Eldoret in 2010. All African body builders are looking forward to reach their professional goal through Muscle Meddy Fitness and other body building organizations in Africa.

We are looking forward for Africa to start printing body building magazines so that we can promote this sport and Africans can be proud of their home grown athletes








Quads and Calves

Chest, triceps and abs 



Back and calves

Delts and biceps



Hamstring and calves

traps and forearms 





Quads hamstring and calves

Chest and triceps



Back delts and abs

Traps biceps and forearm 

SUNDAY- rest.



I like mostly porridge made from collection of cereals like soya beans green gram, rice millet, maize, herring, beans peas and many other cereals. I take porridge ad sweat potatoes and eggs

I am a Christian and like serving God.

Making friends and watching movies

(Lion in the Gym)

I trained the toughest way that people would say over trained but fortunately it works for me.